RE-Focus is a real estate solutions company located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our professional network includes real estate agents, mortgage brokers, investors, bankers, home inspectors, insurance agents, renovation experts, and many others.

RE-Focus Property Solutions Inc. provides Rent-to-Own solutions for tenants who are ready to become homeowners, as well as property owners who are ready to sell in Saskatchewan.

Corey Simpso, co-owner, has been in construction and sales businesses for over 25 years. As a professional contractor, he’s renovated older homes and constructed new buildings with his company, Outback Oasis.  Corey works passionately toward ensuring that every client is pleased and every project is a success. At RE-Focus, he’s dedicated to connecting people to properties and projects that make them happy, creating win/win solutions for everyone involved.

In the past, Corey has renovated and sold several homes for a profit, but he’s now taking a new path with Real Estate. Corey recently recognized the need for secure, quality, affordable homes for those that aren’t able to purchase outright and perhaps struggle to attain a traditional mortgage. His mission is to provide solutions to those who face that obstacle.  He has tirelessly educated himself on the various options that he can provide to clients to help bridge the gap between renter and owner and make their homeownership dreams come true. 

Re-Focus has a personal and professional mandate to build a business that allows their family to make a reasonable living while educating others and finding solutions for clients and investors.

RE-Focus was chosen for the company name because that is their mindset. Corey and the family team have begun to RE-Focus their vision to improve their lives spiritually and financially.

The RENT-TO-OWN business brings them the inspiration to help others – whether it is finding a home for a family or finding a family for a home, Their passion is helping tenants and property owners succeed alongside Re-Focus. 

Call us today and we can work towards a better life for all of us.

Saskatoon, SK    306-381-9940    info@re-focus.ca

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