Rent-to-Own Property Owner

Whether you have a single rental, multiple income properties or just thinking of starting real estate investing, we can help to remove the stress associated with facilitating an investment strategy. If you’d like to make an attractive ROI and are looking for an alternative to being a landlord, you’re right where you need to be.

We remove the burden while you still earn your monthly cash flow. Maybe you’re in the position to buy income properties, but would prefer to be a hands-off investor? We have solutions for that too.

An investment with RE-Focus is an investment in peace of mind.

Our successful plan for property owners is truly a mutually beneficial agreement. All parties get exactly what they want.

We get to do what we love, which is connecting people to properties. The property owner rests easy, knowing that their property is being cared for while income continues to flow in. The tenant/buyer establishes their future as a qualified home buyer.

Tired of Tenants?

Life gets busy, and we understand that, and that’s why this program is a great solution for busy property owners. Even the best tenants on earth still require support and maintenance. Our Rent-to-Own program removes the regular interaction with the tenant. Re-Focus Property Solutions becomes your tenant and all of your worries will wash away. We pay the monthly rent to you and virtually all of your maintenance issues disappear.

Done with Repairs?

Rental property repairs and maintenance might be the most time-consuming and expensive aspect of being a property investor. We have removed that headache for you with this program! Tenant-Buyers are responsible for their own repairs and maintenance. No more phone calls in the middle of vacation about a property issue! Collect your monthly payments, while the house is being maintained by your new tenant buyer.

Vacancy Headaches?

Unexpected costs of vacancies can cause extra stress for landlords. With every vacancy comes additional upgrades to the property and more advertising and screening. With our program, you won’t have to worry about vacancies, advertising or screening – we handle that all for you! When you offer your property to our Rent-to-Own program, you still earn your monthly payments, but without the worries.

Time to Relax?

Possibly the best feature of our program for property owners is relaxation. We offer you regular cash flow, without the work or worry. You can rest easy knowing that property is cared for, payments are being made, maintenance is being managed and vacancy woes have vanished.

Take advantage of our Rent-to-Own Program

You will relax knowing that your rental property is being professionally taken care of with no further energy, worries, stress or financial loss on your part.

How We Help You?
We Do The Following For You:

  •    Pay you by the 5th of every month GUARANTEED
  •    Put quality long term tenants into your rental property
  •    Provide you with a long-term Lease Agreement (from 1 to 5 years)
  •    Handle all the management responsibilities
  •    Handle all the maintenance
  •    Handle all repairs up to $1,000 per repair
  •    Provide tenant insurance
  •    Buy your property at a pre-determined price
  •    Close quickly with no sales commissions

How Do You Qualify?
You Qualify By Simply Doing The Following:

  •      Providing property insurance
  •      Paying your mortgage (if any) and tax payments
  •      Being an ABSENTEE LANDLORD

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